One of the Midwest’s premier Revolutionary War reenactments occurs Memorial Day Weekend at the site of the foremost American victory throughout the frontier.

Main Events:

Reenactment Battles

Saturday, May 23rd at 1:00 pm
Saturday, May 23rd at 4:00 pm
Sunday, May 24th at 3:30 pm

The cannon belches a cloud of smoke. A sharp crack that sounds like thunder announces the presence of opposing forces on the battlefield. Soldiers advance from the woods and a few shots are fired. Both armies are soon joined by reinforcements and the shooting becomes almost continuous. Smoke drifts across the field till the armies become like ghosts through the mist. The cannon fires again adding its voice to those of the muskets and rifles. You are drawn in and begin to see a picture of what 18th century warfare was like.

Working Oxen Demonstrations

Saturday, May 23rd at 10:00 am
Saturday, May 23rd at 4:45 pm
Sunday, May 24th at 1:00 pm
Sunday, May 24th at 4:30 pm

Agriculture was the backbone of a growing nation, and it was hard work. Tilling the ground took muscle and doggedness. The Ox was an important tool of the farmer, sometimes believed to be “dumb animals” an ox is actually very smart. Their large size provides the muscle necessary and they will work all day. Come watch the Four Kings as they show just how smart they are and demonstrate the work they can do.