Muster on the Wabash Nov. 2 & 3, 2013 
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Morning Colors

Each morning the troops are mustered at the Fort.  Roll is called and each weapon is inspected to insure they have been maintained properly. The flag is raised with a ceremonial cannon firing.  Note the 15 star and 15 stripe flag.  This flag was the official United States Flag during 1811 and through the end of the War of 1812 (note there were 18 states).  The troops are give directions for the day, orders are posted, and the men are dismissed.


Each evening as the day ends the soldiers are once again called to the fort to stand muster and roll call. Each soldier is accounted for and the flag is retired for the evening. Note that proper handling of the flag included rolling the colors, the triangle fold used in modern times had not been adopted in 1811.

Soldier stand for inspectionRaising the flag at mornign colors