Muster on the Wabash Nov. 3 & 4, 2012 
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What not to bring

Many of the participants at the Muster on the Wabash have been doing living history for a number of years. Most do other time periods and do not concentrate on this period (1790-11815)  This list of items will help to make your persona and camp more in fitting with the era.

This guide is not complete by any means but rather is a quick compilation of things which have shown up at the Muster over the years and which are noticeable.

Men should wear short waistcoats the long coats of the French and Indian War era are not allowed. (Breeches are discouraged,though acceptable if worn with leggings.)

Calico is out.  The bright colors and intricate prints of block print calico are a remnant of the 18th century and not in vogue at this period.  The small flowery prints which, in modern times, is called calico also is not correct.  Prints should be few colors and more spaced.

Slat Chairs and Canoe Chairs are incorrect for this era.  Military camps, especially militia camps, should have very little furniture.

Be aware of your camp impression.  A pile of cast iron, iron poles, etc. are not correct for a military or native impression. Try leaving some at home.  If using this stuff try to keep it inconspicuous during public hours.Do not use refrigerator shelves or other "created" pieces for grills.  It simply looks cheep and the public notices - this is a good way to loose credibility.

Fifteen star flags should not be flown at military camps, this was banned by order of congress.  Military camps should fly the blue standard and or a regimental flag.

If you have items to add to this list please send them along. These are not Rules or laws, simply ideas to help create a better overall impression of the event. 

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