Muster on the Wabash Nov. 2 & 3, 2013 
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Vendors and Merchants are a part of the scene at the Muster on the Wabash.  The presence of period merchants helps to create an atmosphere of a busy and happening place during the 1811 era.

All vendors must display and sell only goods appropriate for the period surrounding the War of 1812 (see below for a partial list of items not allowed). Vendors not adhering to this requirement will be asked to remove items from display and may not be invited back to future events.

Period Traders must fill out and sign the vendors permit. The forms must then be mailed along with the $30 fee to: Muster on the Wabash, Vincennes State Historic Sites, P.O. Box 81, Vincennes, IN 47591. First time vendors are asked to include pictures of their setup and a brief description of sales items. If you have questions contact: event organizer, David Weaver at 812-882-7422 or at

Craft exhibitors will not be charged if they demonstrate their talents. Arrangements must be made prior to the event. Any crafter's wishing to sell goods must still complete and sign the vendor application.

Firewood, straw, and port-a-johns are provided along with a meal Sat. evening.

Prohibited items include:
> Food items (no apples, pickles, cookies, cakes etc.) - Rock candy, bulk coffee and teas, seasoning spices etc. are allowed.
> Price Stickers and plastic bags.
> Alcoholic beverages
> New age paraphernalia, crystals, etc.
> Imported beadwork
> Rubber tomahawks, tom-toms, spears or lances
> Rabbit foot jewelry, key chains etc.
> Archeological artifacts
> Mexican blankets - for sale or as table covers
> Plastic beads
> Two-diminsional art work
> Prayer drums
> Charge card signs
> Plains Indian style clothing or beadwork
> Cap or pop guns
> Cowboy gear
> Concho Jewelry
> Bull whips
> Dream catchers
> Skins of domestic animals
> Wizzers
> Paper umbrellas
> Slat or canoe chairs
> items not appropriate for the era