Muster on the Wabash Nov. 2 & 3, 2013  
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Weapons Demonstrations

A frontier for which relied in part on militia for defense would have seen a variety of weapons being used and carried.  While soldiers were issued muskets, the militia would have brought their own weapons.  The weapons may have included fowlers, rifles, muskets, trade guns, and other weapons. During the demonstration a variety of weapons will be explored. Learn about the advantages and disadvantage of each weapon and watch as they are demonstrated and explained.

Demonstrations may also include the bigger bang of an artillery piece.  This piece of equipment was essential to the defense of any frontier fort and never fails to excite the crowd. While it may seem simple to dump powder down the barrel it was actually a precise exercise.  One in which the soldiers drilled regularly.

Soldier of 7th infantry with MusketCannon demonstration