Participant Information


Welcome to the annual Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous.

Encampment 2016

Greetings from: George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Superintendent Brian McCutchen, George Rogers Clark NHP

We hope that you will have a pleasant and rewarding experience while encamped on the grounds of the George Rogers Clark NHP. Your cooperation with the following items is appreciated:


Parking permit required! All re-enactors vehicles will require a permit for parking.The parking lot of George Rogers Clark National Historical Park and the field at the entrance to the park are to be used only by re-enactors, others will be towed. If weather conditions soften the encampment grounds the area may be closed to vehicles, if in doubt check with Bill Potter or a park ranger before driving on the lawn.


A registration table will be set up near the park visitor center. One person from each vehicle or camp should pick up parking permits, schedules, trash bags, rules and regulations sheet. Coffee will be available at this location Sat. and Sun. mornings at 7:30a.m.


Vincennes University is pleased to offer dorm rooms for participants of Rendezvous. Reservations and payment for rooms must be done online at:


The number of individuals using “funny clothes” to by pass the gate fees has made this approach necessary. All re-enactors will need a pass to gain admission to the Rendezvous grounds (across the street from the park.)  Passes are available at the registration area noted above.


To protect the historic landscape and plants, please avoid camping under or around trees. Trees should not be used for tie-downs or for hanging items. Fire pits must be kept away from trees.


Turn back the sod before building a fire. Consolidate cooking fires to minimize the number of fire sites and to reduce turf damage. Fires should be as small as is practical. Non-combustible trash should be kept out of the fires.


Place all trash in the dumpster located near the encampment area. Trash bags will be available for collection and disposal. When breaking camp, pile your bedding straw by companies. Rakes will be available. When closing out the fire site, make sure the fire is completely out. Remove any unburned wood or other materials. Please do not replace the sod, park staff will perform this task.


The restrooms in the basement of the Clark Memorial will be open. Please use them for morning wash-up instead of the visitor center restrooms . Showers will be available in the gymnasium of Rivet High School across the street from the visitor center. Shower times are: Saturday 9 to 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 to 9 p.m.; Sunday 8 to 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.; Monday 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.


Drinking water is available at two locations. A faucet is near the parking area along the walkway leading to the visitor center and a second faucet is near the railroad tracks across from the maintenance building.


* Weapons may not be fired on park grounds except for demonstrations under the supervision of the park’s black powder specialist.
* Loose or bulk powder is not allowed on park grounds.
* All cartridges must be pre-rolled prior to coming to the event.


• The Red Cross First Aid tent will be located across Willow Street from the park. A first aid kit is available in the visitor center and in the memorial for minor emergencies.

• Our visitor center telephone number is (812)882-1776 extension 210 will connect to the information desk. The number for EMERGENCY, police, or medical response is 911.


Lost/Found items may be reported/turned in at the visitor center.


Alcohol use on grounds is discouraged and any groups causing problems will be removed from the grounds.  Absolutely NO alcohol use by minors will be tolerated! Should minors be found in possession or under the influence of alcohol the entire unit may be asked to leave.


In the event of severe weather the basement of the Clark Memorial will serve as a storm shelter. Access to this area is through the memorial men’s restroom stairs. Officials will keep you abreast of threatening weather. The park visitor center will serve as a storm shelter for those who can not navigate the stairs to the basement of the memorial.


Comments and suggestions are welcomed and may be left at the visitor center.


Please Contact Chief Ranger Frank Doughman at if you need any special arrangements or have any questions.